Ways to Determine “Good” Neighborhoods

My clients tell me all the time they want to find a “good” neighborhood to live in.

good neighborhoodThe problem with that statement is how we define a “good” neighborhood, and no two definitions are alike.  A good neighborhood could have low crime or a playground or nice neighbors or quiet hours or access to conveniences.  There are a million ways to define it – and as your Realtor, it is my job to learn and understand which of those characteristics are important to you.

Due to fair housing regulations, Realtors are legally prohibited from steering you towards one neighborhood or away from another.  It makes our job a lot harder when uncovering the definition of what a “good” neighborhood means to each client.  However, I often find that a “good” neighborhood simply means a safe neighborhood.  A neighborhood where kids can play outside, where you can come home late at night without a police escort, and where homeowners feel comfortable.

Since Virginia is a “buyer beware” state, it’s up to the buyer to find out any and all details of a home before buying.  Same is true for uncovering neighborhood facts.  To find out more about a neighborhood, here are some links to get you started:






Other great ways to investigate potential neighborhoods are to talk to neighbors or watch the news.  You can also find information on official city websites.  Your Realtor can be a great resource in finding information, but it’s up to you to discover it.

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