Client Testimonials

Alyssa was on target with everything!

When I was getting ready to put the house on the market I selected three agents from a Google search to interview.  Ms. Godwin came to the interview with a package showing she had done some basic research on the property to be listed and had a basic plan outlined.  Her initial preparedness lead to her being selected.  As I was an out of town seller it was very important to me that she was willing to select a contractor, become a project manager and inspect the final product of a major upgrade necessary for the sale.  She regularly checked on the house and recommended things that needed to be done to keep the house market ready.  She was on target with everything and generally outstanding!

Nancy Leggett

Alyssa is one of a kind!

We were so blessed to have Alyssa help us with this whole process.  She walked us through step by step and was always available to talk with us at our convenience!

Pam and Roger Cooke

Alyssa was easy to work with

Alyssa understood my needs and was very patient.

Jason Harper

Alyssa made the process too easy!

Alyssa was outstanding in responsiveness, preparation, knowledge and negotiating skills! I’ve heard and read about many house buying horror stories that caused me to not want to buy. I was always wondering when the “horror story” was going to begin, but it never did. Everything was really smooth, quick and better than I expected. Alyssa answered many of my questions before I asked them. She kept in contact with me and let me know the status as soon as she found out. The whole process was easy. I will refer Alyssa and Liz Moore & Associates in the future. My experience was so positive!

Elaine Wells

Alyssa is outstanding

Alyssa was outstanding in responsiveness and preparation!  She is very knowledgeable and excellent in negotiating skills.  She found us an affordable property that met our needs.

Jeanie Mendez

Alyssa went above and beyond

Alyssa helped us sell our home while we were living out of state.  She gave us the peace of mind that everything was taken care of even though we could not be there.  She went out of her way to hep us take care of home repairs and checked on our home during bad weather.  She went above and beyond her duties to make sure everything was taken care of for us.  We will be forwarding Alyssa’s name to all of our military friends in the area who are looking to buy or sell.

Ashley and Dan Tompkins

I’d highly recommend Alyssa

This home purchase went very smoothly thanks to the wonderful job Alyssa did. She kept me calm, informed, and assured during the whole process. She went out of her way to make sure our closing happened while I was in the local area by meeting with the inspector and appraiser multiple times. Because I was in Oklahoma during the entire process (except closing) I didn’t think it would be possible to buy a house from so far away-she made it work! I highly recommend her and will send anyone I know, in the market for a new home, her way.

Freddy Ceniceros and Amber Caro

I’m very happy with Alyssa and the whole buying process

Every home I saw, Alyssa was knowledgeable about the home and even knew the value of the homes we saw. Early in my home search I found a home I was interested in, but the home sold before I could see it. Going forward Alyssa realized that I was comparing all my home searches to the home that had previously sold. I didn’t realize that, but Alyssa did. That told me that Alyssa is very knowledgeable and is experienced when dealing with different people and personalities. She was outstanding!

Gary Sydnor

Alyssa was very thorough and did a good job!

She was most valuable in seeking assistance to help sell the property and coordinating the process of getting all the required signatures. I will refer Alyssa and Liz Moore and Associates in the future.

Laurie Randall-Parker

Alyssa did a Fantastic Job!

Alyssa did a fantastic job for someone who is relatively new to the field/job. In time, she will become a great agent and I really appreciate how hard she worked for us. Don’t let her time in the field discourage you from using her though; she’s an up and coming star for sure. You can tell she really likes what she does and is definitely worth having her show you what she can do for you.

My husband and I were moving across the country for his job and knew we wanted a place on the water. I was a very particular (needy) client and Alyssa was always prompt to respond to my questions and requests. If she didn’t know the answer to one of my questions, she would find someone who did. Alyssa knew how detailed oriented and organized I am as well as the fast pace at which I like to work so when I got to town she was ready to hit the ground running and had a book with the listings I requested to see with tabs and places for notes. She offered to explain the process and provided me with a binder full of useful information from Liz Moore. All the showings had been setup just as I asked and when I requested a couple of changes, she was quick to rework our schedule and didn’t seem like she was overwhelmed (as I was) once. She was very friendly and even put up with my crazy in-laws who were in town to help me look for houses.

During the first few showings, Alyssa was being professional and polite in her comments but I was hoping for another opinion or voice when we were discussing properties. I told her, light-heartedly, that I couldn’t read her face so I had no idea what she thought! After that she opened up a little and gave her opinion when I asked. She started pointing out things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or thought about so that was very helpful.

Another thing that Alyssa suggested was that we submit a paragraph or letter with our offer. I originally thought this was a little odd and was hesitant to do so but it turns out this is what helped the owners decide they wanted us to buy the home and not just anyone who wrote an offer. The paragraph really tied the knot in the deal.

Regarding Liz Moore, I really like the online tool that the agent can set up to let the client look at houses they are interested in. It was nice to be able to put listings in different categories such as really like, maybe, definitely not, etc. Very appealing tool that makes Liz Moore stand out from the rest!

I would recommend Alyssa for your Hampton Roads real estate needs. I know she’ll work just as hard for you as she did for my family!

Matthew and Kalyn Spitler

Alyssa was very quick about everything!

We didn’t have to do much but sign documents. Everytime there was a problem, Alyssa got it solved very quickly. This is the first time buying a home, and I think Liz Moore and Associates doesn’t need to change anything.  If I was to buy another house, I will be back to you again!

Noppakun Lorah

Alyssa was Outstanding!

She always responded in a timely manner. She was always prepared, knowledgeable and very skillful. I will refer Alyssa and Liz Moore & Associates in the future!

Bonnie McGee

Alyssa is a Pleasure to Work With!!

Very rarely do you run across people that are so eager, friendly, helpful, and willing to go out of their way to help a stranger.  We found that person in Alyssa!  Thank you so much for all your hard work and adjusting your schedule to accommodate me and my husband!  It was a pleasure working with you!

Marvin and Deshanna Robinson

Alyssa has been very patient helping us to find the perfect property!

She has been unwaivering in her support and willing to show us property at the drop of a hat. She found us the perfect renovation project and provided spot on market analysis. If we hadn’t been determined to make a low-ball offer, we would be done. Her encouragement did not falter – she let us know that it is important that we are comfortable with our offer. Her enthusiasm has kept us positive! And we will be more realistic with the next offer!

Lisa Keller

Alyssa has been Super Helpful!

She has great knowledge of the local area and has helped us look at a number of homes that could meet our needs. She’s been responsive by email and phone and answered all of our questions so far. We’re still looking, and are sure to succeed with her help!

James Dwight

Alyssa was Outstanding!

Alyssa was always reachable and willing to arrange showings at almost any time.

Kevin Garris