marketingIn this current market climate, positioning your home properly is absolutely essential.  Positioning is a combination of things – it’s an effective pricing strategy, coupled with the implementation of a powerful marketing campaign that is targeted to reach out to the right audience.

I believe the two most important aspects of powerful marketing are differentiation and exposure.  Not only does your home need to stand out from other listings, but it needs to be marketed to the right people in order to get it sold!  That’s what I mean by positioning.

Every listing is unique. That’s why every listing demands a unique marketing strategy.  In order to generate MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for each property I represent, I will employ an aggressive arsenal of print materials and online strategies to ensure that buyers find you… first!  As your agent I will develop a comprehensive marketing plan, selecting the appropriate technologies and implementing an offensive game plan to stimulate qualified activity for your property.


10 Things Every Seller Should Know

  • What methods should be used to accurately pinpoint the value of my home? In this fast-paced market, how can I be certain that I’m getting top dollar? How often are low appraisals encountered?
  • What repair issues might I face as a result of a home or termite and moisture inspection performed after I’ve already negotiated price and terms?
  • Are there any fees that will be charged above and beyond the brokerage fee? If so, what will they be used for? What’s included in the brokerage fee?lma spring
  • Specifically, how will my home be marketed, and how will results be measured? What types of marketing materials will be used (e.g. Will highlight sheets include room dimensions and multiple photos?)
  • Will I have exclusive representation, or is it possible that my agent could be a dual agent, juggling the buyer’s interests as well as mine?
  • If we encounter any legal issues during the process, will I have access to a real estate attorney at no charge?
  • How will prospect inquiries from ad and sign calls be handled? What about internet leads?
  • How will incoming offers on my property be analyzed to ensure that my bottom line is best protected, and that the prospective buyer is qualified to purchase?
  • Who can help us with moving details such as reliable contractor referrals and utility transfers?
  • What kind of communication can I expect from my agent throughout the process?