Give Me Five!

WeAretheRRealtors are everywhere.  They’re at your church, softball league, Superbowl party, kid’s school, gym, grocery store, favorite restaurant, and neighborhood homeowner’s association meetings.

A Realtor’s job is to sell the community, but so many forget that we ARE the community.  We’ve all heard it…everyone knows a Realtor.  They’re all around you, contributing to the local community.

giveme5That’s why the Virginia Peninsula Association of Realtors (VPAR) has initiated a “Give Me Five” campaign for 2015.  Realtors are tracking their volunteer hours every day to show society how we impact lives – not just in our work but in our neighborhoods and cities.  Realtors contribute to the community by volunteering their time and money, whether it’s shipping Girl Scout cookies to deployed troops, fundraising for CHKD, or passing out water for marathon runners.

Stay tuned to learn more about how your local Realtors have participated!

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