“Buyer Beware” Inspections

Whether purchasing your first home or fourth, buyers need to investigate a number of avenues before closing a deal.  As part of Virginia’s “caveat emptor” (or buyer beware) clause,   it is up to the buyers to do their due diligence in determining all material adverse facts.

The 3 most well common inspections include:

  1. Home inspection – the most common resource for home buyers to uncover repairs, maintenance, and necessary upgrades
  2. Termite/moisture inspection – to discover moisture damaged wood and insect infestations
  3. Title search – to ensure the home is free of any liens/judgments

Other investigative measures include:

  1. Neighborhood regulations (i.e., homeowner’s association)
  2. Environmental restrictions
  3. School zoning
  4. Lead based paint
  5. Mold
  6. EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finished System)
  7. Crime rates
  8. Flood zones and insurance
  9. Building permits
  10. Sex offender registry
  11. Easements
  12. Survey
  13. Water frontage and rights

Hampton Roads Real-e-statement is written by Alyssa Godwin, a Realtor with Liz Moore and Associates. For questions regarding buying or selling contact Alyssa at 757-329-6161 or alyssagodwin@lizmoore.com. You can also find Alyssa on Facebook or on the web at www.lizmoore.com/alyssagodwin.