What Makes a Good Negotiator in Real Estate?

What makes a good negotiator in real estate?  Negotiating skills play a big role in the job of a Realtor, so it’s important to find an agent that works efficiently and negotiates the best deal possible.  Here are some key skills to look for in your agent:Business meeting

  • Good planner/organized
  • Ability to think clearly under stress
  • Personal integrity
  • Product knowledge
  • Solution seeker
  • Ability to create rapport

I recently came across an episode of The Big Bang Theory highlighting the value of negotiation skills.  As the clip suggests, not everyone is a good negotiator.  Take Leonard and Sheldon for example – which would you rather have negotiation on your behalf?  (Click image below to watch the short video clip.)

Big Bang Negotiating Skills


Personally, I would want to find a Leonard to negotiate on my behalf.  What about you??

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