Virginia Ranks in Top 100 Places to Live

Liv-Top-100-Badge-Green-White.png (327×268)Three of Virginia’s cities ranked in the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” for 2014, according to Livability.  Focusing on mid-sized cities, Livability and it’s partners examined over 1,700 cities across the US, ranking each in 8 categories (economic, heath care, housing, civic capital, education, amenities, demographics, and infrastructure) and combining the total scores.

Newport News ranked #78 by scoring highest in health care and amenities.  According to Livability, Newport News consists of mostly young, single renters (and as a Realtor, I can work with you to change the rental percentage!).

Richmond ranked #58 had high scores in education, health care, amenities, and infrastructure.  It has a strong business climate with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and offers a variety of attractions and activities.

Charlottesville ranked #27 scored best in health care followed by education, civic capital, education, and amenities. Charlottesville is desirable for businesses and has a strong arts/culture population.

So if you’re a local native or consider a move to Virginia…why not?!

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