Real Estate Home Value

What is going to happen next in the real estate market?  Are home prices going to rise?  Is it a good time to buy?  There are many questions out there and a lot of predictions.  A survey published the the Buffini & Company Magazine provides us with this information:

uk_house_price_riseHome prices on the rise?

58% of buyers think home prices will rise
28% think prices will remain the same
11% think prices will drop

Investment and Real Estate

73% of people believe now is a good time to buy, while 15% believe it’s a good time to sell
69% feel real estate is a good investment despite the market conditions over the past few years

The national median home price is up 9.5% from a year ago and home prices are expect to increase 1.1% over the next year.  So overall, the general outlook on real estate looks promising.  Sales have increased in the past month, interest rates are still low, and home prices are slowly on the rise.  The market is in a great place!

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