Modular Home

What is a modular home?

I recently previewed a new construction property that is classified as a modular home and thought this would be a great blog topic!  Modular homes are different that typical new construction, as the home is built in an indoor factory setting.  The home is constructed in sections within the factory, never subject to adverse weather conditions.  Once each section is completed, it is transported to the home site under covered protection, then placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and completed!


What are the advantages to building a modular home?

  • Environmental benefits – less building waste and site disturbances
  • Less health risk – materials are not subject to dust, mold, sun damage, rust, etc… therefore less likely to cause any future respiratory problems
  • Speed – can reduce construction time as much as 50% since both building sections and site work can be completed simultaneously

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Depending on the manufacturer, some homes can be built in the factory in 1-2 weeks.  It then takes another 2-4 weeks for the builder to complete the home at the building site.  Overall, it averages to be around 2 months, depending on the builder.

Will banks finance a modular home?

Yes!  Modular homes are treated the same way as new construction and are finance-able.modular-home-mi-sale

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