How Awesome is Your Realtor?

Do you appreciate your Realtor?

Real estate agents aren’t often recognized for the amazing tricks they pull to treat their clients like royalty.  Here are a few top reasons your Realtor is awesome:

  1. everythingisawesomeVacation for Money – Realtors work around the clock 24/7.  We work holidays, weekends, and even on our vacations!!
  2. Excellent at Taboo – Although you may have thought this was a recreational game, Realtors often take on listings that are less than fabulous.  We are excellent at avoiding the “buzz” words when describing fixer uppers, and instead, make listings shine…and SELL them!
  3. Ready To-Go Bag – Since a Realtor never knows when a call will come in to show a listing, meet with clients, write an offer, or pick up a new lead, the best Realtors always have a “to-go” bag packed full paperwork needed for any occasion.

Next time you see your Realtor, THANK THEM for all they do because they are AWESOME!

Hampton Roads Real-e-statement is written by Alyssa Godwin, a Realtor with Liz Moore and Associates. For questions regarding buying or selling contact Alyssa at 757-329-6161 or You can also find Alyssa on Facebook or on the web at